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Our subsidiaries are driven by the quest to provide value added services to clients in an aspiring atmosphere
Vindilac Analytics

Vindilac Analytics provides top notch consulting services to students and small businesses.

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Vindilac Publications

Vindilac Publications is a publisher of scholarly, peer reviewed, open-access journals and Newspapers.

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Vindilac Logistics

Vindilac Logistics offers services in the areas of shipping, warehousing, material handling & packaging.

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Vindilac Liquor

Vindilac Liquor’s product offering includes whiskey, cognac, vodka, tequila, Champagnes, wines and beers.

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Vindilac Properties

Vindilac Properties is a 100% black owned full-service real estate company specializing in home sales and rentals.

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Vindilac Hosting

Vindilac Hosting provides clients with domain registration, web hosting and web design solutions.

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Vindilac Harvests

Vindilac Harvests is a small holder farm that produces fruit, herbs, vegetables, dairy products and livestock.

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Vindilac Foods

Vindilac Foods is a multi-purpose food chain featuring grocery stores, coffee shops and restaurants.

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Vindilac Finance

Vindilac Financial Services offers micro loans and private equity to individuals and small businesses.

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Manamela Water

Manamela Water Suppliers is involved in the purification and sale of bottled water, ice cubes and refill services.

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Vindilac Domestic

Vindilac Domestic Services provides residential and commercial cleaning, garden and pest control services.

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Vindilac Clothing

Vindilac Clothing is an online clothing store selling affordable clothing and accessories for men, women & kids.

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Vindilac Construction

Vindilac Construction is involved in the construction of all types of buildings, interior design and refurbishments.

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Vindilac General

Vindilac General Suppliers is involved in the provision of building materials, plumbing & electrical supplies.

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Vindilac Holdings Limited is a parent company that exists to exercise control and oversight of its subsidiaries.
Our subsidiaries are driven by the desire to provide value added services to clients in an aspiring atmosphere
Our Offering

Vindilac Holdings offers investors a variety of investment opportunities focused on the most valuable sectors of the economy

Growth Driven

We are well positioned to generate earnings growth and create value for stakeholders from opportunities in sectors that are key contributors in the economy

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We are governed by group-wide corporate policies that outline rules for related party transactions, environmental commitments, social responsibility and ethical conduct.

Prudent Financial Control

We have an independent internal audit function that oversees each subsidiary’s activities and provides independent assurance of the group's risk management, governance and internal control processes.

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